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Software Name Upload Date Working %
Logo design studio pro 20-08-2019 81.15%
Brother pedesign 11 10-08-2019 68.97%
Maildesigner 09-08-2019 85.25%
Xara web design premium 11 08-08-2019 79.65%
On1 resize 2019 v13.5.1.7 key 08-08-2019 82.11%
Web designe 07-08-2019 74.36%
Magix photo graphic designer v 16.0 06-08-2019 81.80%
Mail designer pro 3.5.2 02-08-2019 87.13%
Adobe indesign 2014 30-07-2019 75.17%
Indesign template 29-07-2019 71.00%
Stairdesigner 29-07-2019 70.96%
Stairdesingner 29-07-2019 77.19%
Stairdesingn 29-07-2019 80.32%
Xara designer pro 6.1.0 26-07-2019 89.26%
Print designer gold 23-07-2019 76.24%
Genesis 21-07-2019 85.60%
Altium designer 18.1.1 build 9.iso 19-07-2019 83.63%
Motion design 2 15-07-2019 80.90%
Marvelous designer 3 persona 12-07-2019 73.36%
Design expert 11-07-2019 70.36%
Desig expert 11-07-2019 79.63%
Geomagic designx 09-07-2019 76.86%
Windows movie maker vesion 08-07-2019 84.45%
Substance designer 07-07-2019 75.66%
Designspark mechanical 03-07-2019 78.56%
Power designer 03-07-2019 88.94%
Marvelous designer 7.5 20-06-2019 85.23%
Marverlous designer 7.8 20-06-2019 85.36%
Im magic partition resizer 3.6 0 20-06-2019 79.96%
Indesign server cc 2018 04-06-2019 80.57%
Fundy designer 8.5 24-05-2019 79.25%
Fundy designer 8.2 24-05-2019 73.00%
Pipesim 2015.1 21-05-2019 85.08%
Design expert 11.03 19-05-2019 74.39%
Shenproffesional 15-05-2019 84.99%
Easysketch kitchen design extension v1.0.5 13-05-2019 73.47%
Schlumberger pipesim 05-05-2019 80.64%
Esi tronic 2.0 2015.1 26-04-2019 84.27%
Indesign cc 2014. 25-04-2019 75.97%
Xara web designer 16-04-2019 80.62%
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio 15.3.1 07-04-2019 87.86%
s Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio 15.3.1 07-04-2019 96.14%
Viva designer 07-04-2019 73.23%
Punch Professional Home Design Platinum 12.02 06-04-2019 78.81%
Windows 7 profesional 03-04-2019 90.52%
Xara designer pro 31-03-2019 91.61%
Perfect resize 7.5 29-03-2019 89.02%
Fundy Designer 24-03-2019 83.89%
Affinity Designer OSX 23-03-2019 81.93%
Tekla structural designer 2019 23-03-2019 85.80%
Oneone perfect resize 7.5 22-03-2019 86.60%
Marvelous Designer 4 Personal v1.4.45.8453.x64 20-03-2019 82.93%
3Df zephyr Aerial 4.33 resitration 17-03-2019 87.67%
Cybermotion 3d-designer 14.0 16-03-2019 88.10%
Business Card Designer 08-03-2019 81.37%
Powerdesigner 12 03-03-2019 79.38%
Powerdesigner 03-03-2019 82.74%
TONE2 NEMESIS 03-03-2019 86.55%
Designcad24.1 22-02-2019 84.87%
PEDESIGN 11 16-02-2019 86.74%
PEDESIGN 16-02-2019 81.24%
Turbocad designer 19.2 10-02-2019 84.20%
Light image resizer 07-02-2019 82.61%
Genesis alpha one 31-01-2019 83.97%
Pe design 29-01-2019 87.93%
Touchdesigner 28-01-2019 79.64%
Indesign cc 2018 27-01-2019 76.05%
Resident evil 26-01-2019 85.93%
Vivado design suit 26-01-2019 85.89%
Pepakura designer 3.1.3a 25-01-2019 85.12%
WebEasy Profesional 23-01-2019 87.81%
Esi tronic 10-01-2019 86.02%
Silhouette designer 09-01-2019 87.58%
Altium design 08-01-2019 84.29%
Indesign cs5 03-01-2019 87.54%
Adobe InDesign CS6 windows 64 bit 01-01-2019 84.90%
Serieal de flip pdf profesional 30-12-2018 80.95%
Marvelous designer 30-12-2018 83.11%
Indesign 20-12-2018 80.00%
Indesign 2017 12.00 20-12-2018 81.83%
Altium designer 19-12-2018 87.68%
Pe design 11 17-12-2018 85.83%
Poly pattern design v6 15-12-2018 78.35%
Designbuilder 13-12-2018 86.60%
Perfecti resize 7.5.3. 01-12-2018 77.64%
OnOne Perfect Resize 01-12-2018 84.23%
CRACK Business Card Designer Plus 30-11-2018 84.92%
Mix designer 25-11-2018 85.39%
Touch designer 22-11-2018 82.07%
ESI 23-10-2018 89.26%
JAM Software TreeSize Professional 21-10-2018 88.94%
Vso image resizer 18-10-2018 79.71%
In Design cc 2015 13-10-2018 80.59%
Light Image Resizer 5.1 10-10-2018 86.07%
Light Image Resizer 10-10-2018 77.00%
Home Design 3D 09-10-2018 82.59%
CyberMotion 3D-Designer 14 08-10-2018 86.62%
Astro Vision Lifesign Horoscope 07-10-2018 80.73%
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio 01-10-2018 83.33%
Adobe indesig 29-09-2018 81.37%
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